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One Week From Last

Posted: November 13, 2012 in couch, political, soul, truth, truth

I have fully committed to becoming a normal political citizen. I have deleted every ‘extremist’ group from Facebook, twitter and Google+. Mind you, I read posts and blogs and horrors from both sides of the fence, so, I truly believed I was we’ll informed on issues. Hence, that wasn’t enough for this experiment in my new social atmosphere.
Funny thing, my posts became a lot more dull. I almost posted a cute picture of a kitten that said, ‘Do the dumb things I gotta do’. I held back and unliked another site that told me to heed the failures of this administration.
Hey buddy, I no longer heed. I tune out and only listen to the top of the hour headlines like normal people.
I haven’t really been a television watcher. I have some shows that I enjoy and once in awhile I will watch the news. I’ll say that so e news shows have shown to be angrier than others. This always and still baffles me. Just report the facts and report what is important. I guess we all have our own agendas.

I could name names and possibly might one day. That’ll sure show them! I am familiar with most hosts on television bit as I stated before, I don’t watch much. Most of my information comes from the Goreian invention, the information superhighway. Admittedly, I spend quite a bunch of time online. A lot of wasted time, too.
I am trying to create other habits. I am actually succeeding in most areas I put my attentions too.

I also listen plenty. I am or was a talk show junkie on the radio. If someone was talking, I was a listening. My decision on this matter is to leave NPR on the dial at all times. That is where I will get my audible news and information from. Some spiffy classical tunes too.
When they are having the show tunes hour, I always have an audio book holstered. I am ready to face the next year like a normal citizen.

One note because this transition is very difficult for me. I did discuss politics today with someone and my blood began to coincide with global warming. Then while listening to NPR news, I bit my lip while they focus incredulously on something that is clearly a cover up story. I mean really, all of a sudden all these damning facts come out against a general when….

Breath and enjoy being a normal citizen. Life is so much more enjoyable.


Election Day my heart was broken. Everything I believed was crumpled and stamped upon. My values and morals were laughed at. Fingers were pointing at me. All the studying I had done. All the weighing of right and wrong or good and evil.
Everything crashed and burned.

I decided the morning after that I had to step back and look at the world a little differently. It could very well be that I am wrong. At this moment as I wrote this I seriously doubt that I am wrong. Maybe that is my problem. Maybe what we grew up believing was right all along.

Ah what are the rights and what are the wrongs? I guess it’s all in what you read or watch. Personally I felt it necessary to read and watch many different points of view. From
Radio talk shows to web sites to news outlets. I partook in all of it. I felt the truth was masqueraded on all levels. I felt that I had a decent grasp at revealing the truth. The truth always finds a way.
Maybe, just maybe I have been looking at the world the wrong way.

Starting today and along with all the other things I need to accomplish, I will begin anew. I hereby shall cut myself off from politics. I will listen to music on the radio or podcasts. Just not political ones. Actually I don’t listen to political podcasts. Just some to learn new things.
I will
Only watch a few select tv shows. Ah, which ones you might ask. Superheroes and zombies and gunslingers. That should be food.
The Internet will be the hard one. I follow all the news sources. Hmmm maybe just general sites. BBC and the like. I will delete all political sites and followers.
I fight with myself because one never feels that it is them that is doing the wrong. To prove to no one but
myself, I shall make it so.

From this day forward I shall only talk about the weather!
In one years time, I shall revisit this page and reflect. Although I will be doing a lot more writing, so stay tuned.

Will I be a different man? I have transformed myself so much in the past few years. I thought I had found the truth.