Couch and Pull ups

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Autism, couch, doctor, mr john, Young

My brothers baby momma drops her son, my nephew, off at my house each morning. I have no interaction with because I am already long at work. To put it jokingly, it is my lunch hour when this transaction occurs. I know, I can’t stop laughing either.
This report isn’t about my side splitting wit, nor what I actually had in mind to work on. It is about the boy I. The saggy pull ups.
It’s a sad thing when her little bundle of joy is pasted all over the Facebook full of smiles. Sad because she wants the world to see her little plaything.
Little pee-pee and little toes.
Why not pick him up?

She’s a proud mom. Her life is for her children. She expresses this very close to their birthdays. Her friends from long ago and far away comment on how absolutely wonderful she is.
“What a wonderful mother you are!”
“I am so proud of you raising two children.”
“I don’t know how you do it and still look so good.”

I have known her for five? Six years? I believe her first son has been with her once in all that time. The only reason I know this is from Facebook. Cleverly worded posts makes it seem that son number one is getting the finest education and the utmost of parenting.
Love and kisses. Bye bye. The kid is being raised by her mom in another state.
From the bits and pieces that I have gathered from her life, abnormal is very normal. Perfect me has had a few blackouts in this time period, so some facts elude me. Again, this is t about me. I am at work sipping tea with my pinky in the air. I know. You’re slayed.
Along comes kid number. He was the results of my brother and her doing immoral acts. Hey, it’s the best way to score you this fine life we lead.
So they have this kid. My nephew. Kid one for my brother. Kid two for her. Kid six or seven for her mother is she would be allowed to get her paws on him.
I don’t think that her mother has actually come to see this grand baby. Strange times in the south.
I know that her rock and roll dad has been here. I saw the clip on Facebook. He lives far away also.
Her sister loves I town, but they speak sometimes. She has a few other sisters’ but I have only seen them on the Facebook.
That’s where I’ll have to go when I fill in the facts for this tale.


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