Nude and Afraid

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s sometimes uncomfortable where you have childhood flashbacks. I would imagine that controlling the when might be also out of the question. There they suddenly are. For me, I become displaced momentarily and lose my place in time and space.
Being hidden to the world by bubbles and a thin wash cloth, is one of those times.
There I stood, small and seemingly unafraid. Among the others scrubbing and getting a good sudsing in the holier than thou places. Older gents who have had there day in the sun. Their frolics in life. Their mornings filled low fat pastries and the expensive orange juice.
Six showers heads only a dropped bar of soap away. After a few times of being a mere nose length away from becoming an geriactics boy toy, I switched to bottled body wash. If that tips, it doesn’t go far.
All lathered in a sea of different foamed shapes and sizes, I drifted.

I was on my deck in my boyhood home in New Jersey. The eight foot deck was the handy work of my dad. He attached it to the side of our above ground pool. It actually had two decks. One was for the slide. It was a great pool. Being the oldest, I got to take care of it. Testing the chemicals so we didn’t burn out our eyes. Skimming the water for leaves and water skeeters. How they got in there Ill never know. I would have to vacuum the pool of all the creatures and mud and various unknowns. I would get to go in with a special sponge and wipe all the walls to be free of algae or whatever growth decided to appear. Oh the joyous times.
On the days during summer break, when I wasn’t scrubbing or vacuuming or skimming, I was swimming. My friends and I would love to make whirlpools. Five or six guys was the best. All of you would line up around the edge of the pool. In the water, of course. Then, we’d all walk around the pool in a clockwise direction. Counter clockwise was fine too. We walk and walk pulling the water Mali g it follow around with us. Smacking water skeeters, ducking from the massive Jersey horseflies and singing the welcome back Kotter theme song, we created a massive force of swirling water. We would have the water at our command and if we were particularly strong that day, we’d create a water funnel at the center of the pool.
At the count of three. One. Two. Three!
We’d all turn and try to run the other direction. Groans and arghs and laughter we all sucked into the great black hope we created. Nothing could escape it. The weak just drifted along. The strong tested the strength.
We would spend a good half hour or so creating this monstrosity. It was no joke. We eventually all get sucked away crashing into each other and of course trying to dunk any unlucky weakened swimmer. All the toys in the pool ended up in the center spinning on their axis.

My axis of


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