Posted: September 11, 2012 in Autism, couch, doctor, mr john

I have had to learn a lot of new things having an autistic son. I have had to relearn and make new ways of doing old things. I have learned to communicate differently. I have learned to react differently. I have become a new man.

Jack has a certain way of doing everything. It’s all a pattern. Step by step. Don’t dare miss a step or you have to start over. Even in a hurry it is wise to remember not to interrupt a step. Hours of frustration and screaming can attest to this.
Jacks dinner is a perfect example.
Well it is hardly a perfect example of a perfect family, for that is another issue in itself. The dinner table is covered with the things to get done tomorrow. I actually do not want to visit this emotion, so I will pick another topic.
Even thinking about the things that jack does in his everyday duties makes me feel like a terrible parent. They have begun to race through my mind and I feel awful.

Thankfully I am on the couch and this is where I work this out.

I guess him not being like ‘normal’ kids is a challenge. He also has two older brothers. Neither is a prime example of normal, but both are moving in a forward direction and I know that they will have semi functional adult lives. My goal with them was/ is to steer their development into functional adult capacities. They are both sure to be a tad strange. I am far from perfect. Hopefully their sense of humor will make the bad time go away.

I am really steering off course today, couch. I came in here with all good intentions. I wanted to tell how Jack will go into his zone. Breath and begin again?

Seemingly from nowhere, Jack will begin his autie ritual. I am not even sure if he is ready for these episodes. We’ll be watching tv like any proper family and suddenly you’ll optics that he’s up and about.
He does this odd pacing thing. It’s a semi circle, sideways half gallop movement. The pace will seem like a possession for if you stand in his way, he will sideways sashae right around you. Putting you hands out to stop him is not a wise thing. No, he doesn’t shoot bolts of lightening out of his eyes but he be one’s very frustrated.
To sit back and watch this spectical is a curious thing. The language that comes out of his mouth is very ‘primatish’?
It’s more of a groan and moan. Long drawn out humming. Sometimes a legible word will come out, but that’s rare.
If he is holding a action figure is it the same similar motion but you cAn tell its a fantasy story going on.
I feel that is what he’s is doing all the time. Sometimes he will laugh mid grunt and be smiling for a full circle or two around the living room. The cats stAnd clear of these actions. They don’t like to be tripped upon. They will stand on the corner of the couch and just watch.
That’s another thing. Our zoo of cats and dogs are. Dry mindful of the boy.

I would….. What’s that couch?
Session over. The old people are here for their session with
Mr John. I bet they have tales to spin.


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