August twenty one

Posted: August 21, 2012 in mr john

I sit on the couch questioning my nose. Wondering whether my son needs a bath or a ripe patient recently blessed this area.
Either way, I’m not moving and I still will lean my head back and snooze when the inevitable time comes. I am becoming less fearful of germs.
Back in June at my doctors visit. The cursed man said that I was ok. I was fine. It’s all in my head. Bah I say!
I did however switch around the way that I handled my diets and supplements. In my drunken hours, I would take my arsenal of vitamins before I went to bed. The thought process behind this he kid move was that they would heal and recover my senses by the time I woke up. All washed down with a big glass of wine. I believed it worked, so I continued the practice up until a week after my doctors appointment.
My wife thinks I’m a pill popper. Huh?
She did say something that made me question my mineral rituals. She said,”you’re taking way tooamy vitamins.”
Hogwash woman!

“You should just take a multi-vitamin and that’s it.”
Be damned woman and go back whence thoust come!

To go into her reasoning and what makes the earth go round is for another day in the far future.

I still hadn’t figure out the cause of my head going wayward each and every day. Ok the vitamins. Could it be?
Everyone in these magazines and my online research tells me otherwise and I ….
Never! My calculations must be correct! I am so close doctor. Nurse! Get me some alone time!

All I did was change my nighttime ritual to a morning one. I am still not used to it. Years.does not a month breakth.
This is also the same time I found out how large I was actually getting. With the combination of switching moon phases and dieting, I became a better feeling man. Top it off with me exercising again, I am finding the wonderful me beneath my layers.
A healthy body, a getting healthy mind ( with the help of this couch), and an in process healthy soul, I say begone bad germs.
I fear thee not.


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