August seven

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Now that I committed myself to making entries to this bLog, I have been coming to Mr. John less frequently. None of the reasons are my fault mind you.
One week Jack was sick. It was a violent storm of stomach madness. If he was faking, the boy deserves an Oscar. The next time was an extra commitment thrown upon me by my darling. Trying to think of it or exactly what it was escapes me. I seem to be doing a lot more of these extra-dad activities lately. This is a topic I would like to mention whilst here on the couch.
I have been making myself a better man. Lo, no or nay for my woman, more for the boy. Yea, yes we will we be together for a longer while, but it won’t be getting fat together on the couch. It won’t be in front of the tv. That, I will assume to be my final cure. Dinner every night at the table.
Years went by and somehow the table became a desk but with hardly a place to sit. School time it is a place for homework and Sunday mornings I push everything to a corner and read my newspaper. With my coffee. Used be with a few donuts but I am watching figure.
I am not thinking it is too late to start traditions. Hopefully my children’s children will get something good of me. I dream of family trips in the middle of nowhere in a tent in the rain laughing whilst Skip Bo is being played. That is so pushing it.
I start with Sunday family dinner. I would like to have a family dinner at least on Sunday. Yes I understand the modern family. Everyone is zooming this way and swishing that way but dear dad only asks for one night.
Family Friday night game night lasted about a month. A few things came up and it kept getting pushed off or someone was too tired.

Note: just mentioning tired made me nod sink doubt my thoughts will be complete this week. Whew.


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