July twenty three

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I had more than I wanted say, but today, in the sweater like heat, I lost the thoughts. I could try and recall them here, as I am on the couch and this is the place where healing begins.
Maybe it started here. Maybe it’s the couch’s fault.
I actually am at a loss right now. Now this is going to be more of a writing exercise than a therapy session.
Hopefully not. Let’s delve into the brain.
This couch is not a Sunday afternoon watch a Star Wars movie type couch. There is no length to it. I believe it is called a love seat. Does that sound right? No but it is suited for the likes of two rear ends. Now if you sink into it, you find yourself fading from thoughts that you are supposed to be discussing with said couch.
Wait! What’s that sound? Tis music I hear. Billy Joel’s Always a Woman to Me. This lady drives me nuts. Well that’s why I’m here. I’m crazy lady. Turn off the music with people singing words of the English language. I need Pan flutes and crickets and gently babbling brooks. I would even take some nice violins or new age jazz. Even, curse me now, Kenny G. Ha. That’s because I am mad I tell you. Mad.
My son, Jack of which and whom I am really on this couch for. His reason will be revealed as time types on, but he asked me a funny question the other day.
He always asks irrelevant questions in the middle of anything. It’s usually a what’s ‘blank’ mean?
This other day, he asked me what a gangster is. My mind went a couple different directions, with a few different answers. “which one would please his curiosity today?”
My first thought, and if you are some one around my age you might have thought the same thing, was the bugs. BUnny cartoon. It was the one with the two gangsters trying to hide from the coppers. I have a semi clear image of this but it is being heavily distracted by this woman’s rock and roll music.
It was the episode in which Bugs was pretending to help these gangsters by hiding them in the stove and throwing in a match. I thought of this episode mostly because of the way they talked. The boss guy would say, yeah see.

Damn my eyes are closing and another Billy Joel song threatens me


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