In Line

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

When I comforted her, telling her everything was going to work, she bobbled her head and mumbled no. As she walked away, I conveniently mentioned that I had. O idea what was going on.
This was true because even when I talked to him, nothing but babbles and doublespeak pierced his lips too. So I really didn’t know why all of this was coming to fruition.
I knew they were getting a divorce. I knew it was starting to get ugly because the Facebook comments were being made. Drama on Facebook is a beautiful thing. It’s even funnier when it’s close to home, because the you don’t have to wait for the church socials to hear all the gossip.
It’s also a very sad thing. A new low for one’s self esteem. Oh those comments will surely make you feel better and so much more confident when you walk into a room of your peers.
That poor so and so. Here. Let’s buy ye a drink for all of your troubles abound. Let’s bury your head in the sand.
Now this is for all to read, including the friends of friends whom some will be friends of said children and possibly, well more likely your own children will be reading your woes and gripes and cusses. Nothing like calling your baby’s mother a dirty stinking whore and a snot licking turkey in a place where your child can read these shots.
I guess your child never looked at their mother this way before. Even better are the impressionable young friends, who now see this mother in whole new light.
Deserved. True. False. Factual. Some things are not meant for public viewing. The people standing reading in the sidelines are sometimes even worse.
Think before you raise a stink. Facebook is for posting your favorite videos and bashing political foes. Oh, and for for funny Star Wars pictures with witty quotes.


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