July ten

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Autism, couch, doctor

Since my first post, the Mr John went on vacation for a week. Hence spoiling my roll I was on. Although I doubt that one week makes a roll. It was just another start.
Speaking of rolls, I have lost a few. Proudly but not boasting to my wife, I wore the jean short I cussed just a mere month ago. They were tight enough to be oh so uncomfortable with my cell phone, keys and wallet stretching different pockets at once. Ah, today though, they have become a comfortable pair of shorts. Fashion may be questioned at this point but I do not care. I feel cool. Fonzy cool. Twenty pounds lighter cool.
Therapy is working for me. Thank you couch. I know our work is nare complete. We haven’t touched the smoking issue or even really dabbled in the drinking thing. Remember those? Although they become more in the past every day, they tend to grasp at my thoughts without warning. “Feed me.”
I remember two scenes from the Little Shop of Horrors movie. It starred Steve Martin and Bill Murray. I’ll bet there were more stars (besides the giant man-eating plant), but I only remember them. I guess it’s only one scene that I recall. It’s the one where Bill Murray has come to see the dentist played by Steve Martin. Bill is a Sadomasochist and wants Steve’s character pull some teeth. It’s a rather funny scene that has stuck with me and come to mind at least twice a year when I go for check ups.
Then theres the line that the man-eating plant says. “Feed me.”
That’s what I think of every time that I want to feed one of my addictions. Sometimes, when I see someone smoking, I revert to a scene in the movie Ghost. I think I am starting to see a pattern here.
If I have to explain Ghost, either I am way too old or you are way too young. I know it’s my fault in either case.
In this scene Patrick Swayze meets another spook that can touch things. He’s able to knock newspapers out of people hands, tip off their caps or anything that involves a quick violent motion. All his love, all his anger. Every emotion balled into one. Alas the poor sap can’t hold onto anything. When he sees a cigarette, he longs for that dang thing.
“Oh what I would give to have one of those.” or something like that. Then he gets so angry he leaps into the next passing subway car, most likely knocking more stuff over.
That’s how I feel sometimes.


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