June twenty-six

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Autism, Non-Fiction

Every Tuesday I sit in Mr Johns waiting room doing the one thing I don’t do well- wait. After many years of coming here and working on my kids head, I figured out that I could use this time wisely. I would write my little tales and get a nice booklet about him adventures in the waiting room.
Now before I get to what I will forget to write about later until I’ve signed off and posted this blog. (So now I’m a blogger. You’re mother would be proud), I must say that this now therapy has helped me immensely. I may start a physchiatric clinic with just a waiting room. In here I’ve unwittingly dealt with a two pack a day smoking habit, battled and dealt a sharp blow to my dependence of alcohol and now doing very well with the battle of my bulges.
Not that I am really a big biggie, I just transferred all my addictions towards food. I never really had any one to talk to since, here I am on the couch whilst my son gets all the help. The kid doesn’t even want to come here. Geezh.
I tell him, “listen. We’re going. Not another word and we need to get there before the other lady gets to the couch first.”
He doesn’t care. Not one bit.
Now one more note before I start with the waiting room. I have actually been writing a lot whilst I tend here. I just have been putting everything down in my handy blue 4×6 spiral notebook or thumb tapping into Evernote or OneNote, depending on the time period. Lots of little tales have sifted off the shelves in my mind and onto actual forms of media. The. What happens is what I guess happens to every writer still dreaming about writing something worth while, the dAng things never get edited and put in its proper place. Be it the blogosphere or some sort of credible form, it’s the piece that I will always get back to.
So, I have decided to tackle another form of self therapy. I will now write directly to my page. Now, what happens from there is a whole other step in the program. I don’t know how many steps I need to take but I’m pretty sure I’ll always need just more.
What I am writing on is my iPhone WordPress app. This makes editing very difficult because aside from autocorrect spelling, I am lost. A lot of back spacing going on here. I know it will get more familiar as the years go by, but for now or until I get something with a bigger screen this is what I get. Or you get if you are reading this.
Next week I will get into this waiting area because my son my be through soon. If I don’t post now, I may second guess myself and that’s when the troubles begins.
Don’t worry, because I know you are, there are plenty of drunken smoking tales of bigness to be told.
To page!


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